Scattered Bones

June 30, 2009

It was just after the second world war. The Japanese had just surrendered and left Malaya. The Brits are back and law and order needs to be restored. Life was truly hard for the people of Malaya.  The gurkhas were brought in and army are strecthed due to the MPAJA(Malayan People Anti Japanese Army) which would later became Parti Komunis Malaya(Malayan Communist Party) were fighting for independence through their idealism.

The Police needs new additional blood and the first batch of recruits had just graduated from the police depot. Follow the story of the ‘greenhorns’ as they struggled to uphold law and order during the pre-independance days and Malayan Emergency. Humor, action, tragedy and joy all put together in this classic by Malaysian National Laurette, Allayarham Datuk (Dr) Usman Awang.

I first came across a copy of this book at home when I was still in secondary school. Left inside the book cabinet by one of my elder brothers who used to study literature during his schooling days. The book impressed me from the first page and I have never been tired of re-reading this book in it’s Malay version due to it’s raw truth potrayed by the characters and also the storyline which depicts the life and death surrounding the main character. No doubt a book which has left me with great respect towards the literary effort of ┬áMalaysian writers of yesteryears and also a reminder of the hardships of our peaceful fight for independence from the British colonisation of Malaya. The characters were our everyday dick, tom and harry(or mamat and minah in malay term). The storyline was a good insight of life back in the forties and the hardships faced by a colonised nation.

The Policeman, the Joget dancer, the satay seller and numerous other characters displays life at it is during that era. In fighting the communist uprising, death was potrayed as the evil menace lingering around the lives of the policeman and their family. A risk for the policeman and worry for their families which were faced daily in their lives.

I would reccomend this literary work to everybody who is interested in reading the simple truth. This book along with other works by the great author can be purchased from the link below:-

Truly worth every cent that you would spend.


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June 28, 2009

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